Hi! I’m Catherine Nicole, but I just go by Nicole.


I live in the fun and growing college town of Denton. Denton is such a special place to me. It's the first place I ever moved after living in my childhood home for 20 years. And it's the place I met and married my husband and made the best of friends. We have a sweet church community here and we love discovering new things about Denton. Oh, and we have a crazy pup named Louie who we're both obsessed with. 
If you were a fly on the wall in my house, you’d pretty much find me drinking coffee, watching Gilmore Girls, or taking way too many pictures of my dog just doing absolutely nothing.


The first time I picked up a camera, I was in high school in a journalism class. I had an amazing teacher who showed me how to use it, and I was hooked. I later became the photography editor of my yearbook and was busy talking my friends into letting me use them as models. I remember saving up all of my money and buying my own camera when I graduated high school. I had to convince my mom that it was a good investment (I'm pretty sure I made a slideshow and everything). 

It was an investment indeed! Photography has always been a passion of mine. The story I'm about to tell is one of the reasons I love it most. I was in the middle of the library mall at UNT taking senior pictures of one of my roommates at the time, and a student came up and asked if I could take her pictures. At the time I was just doing it for fun so I said, sure! She couldn't pay me, but I wasn't really interested in that at the time. She had just gotten her masters and she had never had her pictures taken before. She knew her family would be so happy to see pictures of her graduate. During the photoshoot she said "I've never had someone make me feel so pretty before" and I was just beaming. I loved blessing her and her family with this gift. I'll never forget her, and she reminded me why I love photography so much! 


I would love nothing more than to tell you’re story! Whether you’re newly engaged, just had a baby, have been married for 30 years and want beautiful pictures of your family, or just want to grab a cup of coffee, I’d love to hear from you!